How To Relieve Your Aches And Pains

Back painTips from the Preston Chiropractic Institution in Cary on How to Relieve Aches and Pains

Have you been experiencing severe back and neck pain? Have you thought about visiting a chiropractor in Cary? Well, there are many misconceptions about chiropractors that stop people, who experience these terrible perpetual aches and pains, from seeking their help. Chiropractors do not just crack your back twice and send you home. There is much more to this than what meets the eye. A chiropractor manipulates the power of the spine to reduce the pressure on various parts of the body such as the head, back, and neck, among others. In addition to this, you will have to apply a few changes and tips into your normal routine. The following will help you understand and quantify just how big of a difference some of the little things can make to your everyday life, do not take these tips too lightly.

Tips on How to Relieve Pressure in the Body

  1. Postures at work – If you have a desk job then you probably sit down for most of the work day. Sitting down for long hours is a huge source of aches and pains in the body. You might need to consider doing your work as you stand up for a period of time or opting for using the stairs or walking to work. This will help you strengthen your bones and reduce the tension on most of your body parts especially your lower body. Going directly from hours of sitting to moving can result in some pain, work on keeping your body strong and moving on occasion to help eliminate that!
  2. Regular stretching- Make sure that you start your day with a proper stretch. Girl StretchingStretching your body after you wake has a positive impact on how your body will operate and feel at the end of the day. Even if you don’t have chronic pain, you should till notice a difference in how you feel at the end of the day. Before you get up from your bed, make sure that you stretch your body. It will relive and loosen all the tension spots before you even begin the day, this will prevent tension from accumulating as you go about your normal daily operations. It can be harsh to go from hours of sleep and no movement directly to being active, that can really stress the body.
  3. Refrain from doing sit-ups- An average workout routine that focuses on strengthening the core incorporates sit-ups into the routine. For a person who already experiences pains and aches in the neck and back, this exercise will cause more harm than good. Alternatively, you should incorporate the yoga plank pose into the routine. It involves lying on your stomach on a comfortable surface and lifting your body as you balance on your toes and hands. It resembles a push-up. In addition to this, you could try a side plank to strengthen the other muscles around there that you may not be reaching as well. While sit-ups do strengthen the core, the do so by putting lots of stress on the back.
  4. Reduce the time that you spend on your Smartphone- Most people look at their phones when their chins are near the same level as their chest. This makes their necks curve at a c-shape. The human head is about twelve to fifteen pounds. This pressure on the neck causes severe muscle strain. With that said, do your best to hold your phone directly out in front of your face, put the strain on your arms rather than your neck. Looking down as little as a few degrees further will cause significantly more stress on the neck, it’s really quite bad just how often people are looking way down at their phones.
  5. Stop leg crossing- When you sit down, make sure that your feet are parallel to the ground. This reduces the possibility of experiencing lower back pain. A solid base is always important; the consistency will hurt your back less.

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Why Non-Invasive Treatment Is Preferred

Why Non-Invasive Treatment is Preferred When It Comes to Back, Neck, or Joint Problems

Healthcare procedures have advanced and with that, more people are becoming concerned with their health. Non-invasive chiropractic health practices are being considered as opposed to taking pain relievers to alleviate aches and pains in the body.

One of the benefits of these non-invasive treatments is that they allow you to get to the root of the problem and as such, the condition can be relieved with an understanding of the primary issue in mind. Chiropractic care in Cary, NC is typically used for the treatment of joint pain, neck pain, back pain, or headaches. Our society is governed by increased screen use, chiropractors may end up becoming the body’s regular repair mechanic. In order to handle this need, chiropractors provide a hands-on and drug-free approach to their healthcare methods, which involves an examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The aim is to promote normal functioning by eliminating pain without the need for medications or surgery. Chiropractors in Cary NC have a wide range of diagnostic skills and they have received the necessary training to recommend rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises in addition to offering lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional counseling. A chiropractor is, in other words, the fitness and health coach you never knew you needed.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Both of these chiropractic methods are considered the first-line approach but surgery becomes an option recommended by the chiropractor in Cary NC in the event that non-invasive treatments to prove to be unsuccessful. Damaged knees usually become worse when there is reduced activity but physiotherapy and physical therapy can aid in the restoration of function, eliminating the need for surgical means. Chiropractors in Cary NC commonly perform a therapeutic procedure known as chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation. The aim of this procedure is to manually improve joint mobility through the application of a controlled force into the joints that are restricted from moving thanks to tissue injury. Tissue injury may be the result of a traumatic event i.e. lifting heavy objects improperly or repetitive stresses (maintaining an improper sitting posture for extended periods).

Either way, injured tissues go through chemical and physical changes that can result in reduced function, pain, and inflammation. Adjustment or manipulation of these affected tissues and joints can and will restore mobility, easing muscle tightness and alleviating pain so the tissues can heal. Chiropractic care in Cary NC might be the main method of treatment in most cases, lower back pain included. In the event that there are other medical conditions present, chiropractic care in Cary NC can support or complement medical treatment by helping to relieve any musculoskeletal elements involved.

A chiropractor in Cary NC will work with your spine as the house for your spinal cord, which is the body’s command center. The chiropractor’s goal is to ensure this spinal nerve center is in optimum working condition to ensure the rest of the body is functioning normally as required. A visit to a chiropractor in Cary NC can result in dietary advice, recommendations for new gym classes, reduced work hours, or relaxation therapy etc.

Make an appointment with Preston Chiropractic in Cary NC today if you find the non-invasive wellness and health approach more appealing to you. Even if you don’t think its for you, the results could surprise you!

What kind of issues can a chiropractor help me with?

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture chiropractic care

Aches and Pains A Chiropractor Can Help With

A good number of people assume that chiropractors are only there to help with our back and neck pains. While this is true, there is so much more that a chiropractor can help with in terms of getting rid of aches and pains; even those that don’t originate from the back or neck.
Below are some of the ways that a chiropractor can be helpful to you.

Treating Lower-back Pain

Chiropractors know how to manipulate the sacroiliac joint that links the lowest part of your spine to the pelvis. When this is done you get instant relief in your lower back. Some certified chiropractors can even perform a technique called Active Release Technique (ART) to eliminate scar tissue from muscles thus relieving pain.

Relieve Pain During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women experience all kinds of pain. A good number of women suffer from lower back pain and sciatica which are a result of improperly aligned pelvis. Because pregnant women should not take medication as it can reach the unborn baby, many opt to seek help from a chiropractor.

Managing Digestive Issues

The nerves contained in the abdominal and chest (thoracic region) of our spine are associated with digestion.
Herniated discs can cause stomach issues but when the thoracic vertebrae is not properly aligned it can cause digestion issues too. This is because nerves start sending irregular impulses to the intestines and stomach thus leading to issues such as bloating and heartburn. By keeping the thoracic spine properly aligned, you can realize better digestion.
Relieve Headaches
When your upper back and neck are the cause of your headache, a chiropractor might be able to help. By employing manipulation massage to loosen up your muscles, they ultimately relive your headache. There

is need for more research but some independent studies indicated that chiropractic treatment can be instrumental in alleviating pain from individuals who suffer from chronic headaches.

Finding The Right Chiropractor For YOU

If you’re from around the Cary NC region, then Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture is the best place to get your massage. They have been providing chiropractic services for over eleven years and they never disappoint. Their chiropractic therapies are safe for all ages and this makes it ideal for treating families. Other than massage therapy they also offer acupuncture and medical massages to people of all ages.
Because Preston Chiropractic values quality in all the services they deliver, their staff is personable, friendly and genuinely cares about each patient’s well-being. Whether you’re seeking the services from Cary NC, Raleigh, Morrisville, Durham, Holly Springs and Apex, you are guaranteed the best services you could ever hope for.
All the chiropractors are also fully licensed with impressive credentials which include an education from Sherman College of Chiropractic which is one of the most prestigious Colleges in the USA.
Visit their website here and look through the list of Doctors you’re likely to receive care from. You can also contact them through the site to book an appointment or ask questions.

Chiropractic Care: How Long Will My Treatments Last?

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture chiropractic careChiropractic care is a non-surgical healthcare treatment for disorders of the musculoskeletal or nervous system. The main aim of chiropractic care is to treat and maintain the spinal cord and the surrounding structures. Many studies have concluded the benefits of chiropractic care and its general effect on lower back treatment and neck pain as well as lumbar herniated discs. However, how long does chiropractic treatment last?

Depending on the extent of the problem, chiropractic care helps patients feel noticeably better shortly after receiving treatment.  The general rule of improvement is within 1 to 4 weeks from starting chiropractic therapy. However, this is for non-complex musculoskeletal conditions. During the first visits, the patient will typically feel pain reduction of 40% to 80%. After some time the pain can completely disappear along with functional improvement.

Core Chiropractic Treatment

The core chiropractic treatment usually involves lower back treatment through manual therapy. These include:

Mobilization: chiropractic mobilization is low-velocity manipulation, stretching and movement of the joints and muscles. The goal for the manipulation is to increase motion in these areas in the shortest time possible.

Manual Manipulation and Spinal Manipulation: the spinal manipulation and manual manipulation is a high-velocity type of manipulation, which include short lever arm thrust applied to abnormal vertebra aiming to improve functionality, reduce irritation and restoring motion. High-velocity chiropractic practice takes 1 to 4 weeks to regain functionality.

Common Chiropractic Program Plans

The main aim of chiropractors is to do everything they can to reduce pain and restore functionality as fast as possible. However, for a successful outcome, patients should make sure they attend all sessions of their chiropractic program plan. In general, a chiropractic plan includes stretches and other types of exercises in addition to ergonomic tools such as pillows, belts and back supports. Not attending to all parts of the process will increase the amount of time needed for care.

For chiropractic care to be effective, a chiropractic program plan takes 2 to 4 weeks with visits of 3 times a week. After improvement is noted, there is an introduction to self-help or home-based recommendations with the help of ergonomic tools like elastic bands, dietary support or the use of a foam roller. The chiropractic plan and time frame are driven by the patient’s level of activity, pain, and disability.

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Your Spine is an Interstate with Traffic Jams

Preston Family Chiropractic spineBack pain is an issue often addressed only after a delayed period of suffering. It is annoying, painful and long lasting and interferes with your daily life chores and activities. If left untreated it can result in decreased mobility, but what is causing the pain and what is the treatment?

Signals are traveling towards the brain moving along a superhighway of nerves.   These signals can be for a multitude of sensory input.   Think about the C1 vertebra as the busiest intersection on this highway.  This vertebra encompasses the cerebrum stem where all these messages are exchanged and coordinated. Problems here can bring about chaos through the whole body. That confusion translates into an awful pain that affects the spine.  Clearing up that chaos and confusion can get everything flowing smoothly again and in the right direction.

Preston Family Chiropractic may just be the solution to this pain. The skilled hands at the center have over ten years of experience in treating many back, neck, hip, knee, and foot issues.  The center even uses a revolutionary soft tissue technique for athletic injuries and chronic conditions. Chiropractic treatment solves problems that influence the nervous system and restores it to its optimal function.

What is so compelling and promising about Preston Family Chiropractic is that they not only solve the immediate problem to relieve pain; they give a permanent fix for the issue. They identify the source of the health issue and eliminate that giving you back your health and life. They have not only figured out the proper techniques to use, but they have excelled at it. By improving spinal function, this not only helps to reduce the symptoms but allows the nervous system to perform at its best.

Back pain is serious and needs to be dealt with quickly, especially if you are a working person with a lot of time in a seated position.  Proper treatment depends on the underlying cause of the pain; a pain assessment will determine the cause. Then a treatment is recommended.  What is even better is that this natural treatment avoids medicine and drugs that create side effects.

Preston Family Chiropractic caters to problems involving neck pain, mid and lower back pain, headaches, arm and leg joint pain, pain from motor vehicle accidents, numbness, stinging, and muscle spasms.

Health is a vital matter.  If your systems seem to be jammed up and slowing you down, contact Preston Family Chiropractic for an in-office evaluation and soon you will speeding down the highway of life with no obstacles in your way.

Triathletes and Chiropractic Care

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture chiropractic careOne of the most common puzzles in athletic circles is whether getting chiropractic care is a beneficial experience or a total waste of time. The answer to this question can be found at Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture is a therapy center based in Cary, North Carolina. Some of the main services they offer include chiropractic adjustments, back pain relief, accident injury treatments, acupuncture, and medical massage therapy. Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture has been operational for the last 12 years.

What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care to triathletes?

Improves Mobility and Range of Motion

Most people who participate in especially impact sports will witness to the fact that their bodies experience damage over time. After a while, mobility becomes restricted and at times even painful. This condition is usually as a result of ‘displaced joints’ or even the spine.

Chiropractic care helps maintain everything in place and mitigates that progressive damage that is caused to our bodies over time.

Injury Prevention

The more your body joints and spine are not in alignment, the more likely you are to suffer from injuries. A key component of injury avoidance is maintaining mobility.

Most triathletes who consistently undergo chiropractic care often report fewer incidences of injury. This result is mainly because their regular visits to the chiropractor continually help to restore the standard positioning of joints in the body.

Performance Enhancement

For the very same reasons that chiropractic care is vital in avoidance of injury, it is also as helpful in helping to maximize the performance levels of a triathlete. Mobility is a critical part of a triathlete’s job.

A triathlete who is consistently under chiropractic care can profoundly reduce the stasis that sets in with age and therefore maintains high levels of performance.

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Holiday Aches And Pains – Beat ’em Now!

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture pain reliefThe world is gearing itself for this year’s holidays, with cold and plenty of festivity set to descend upon us yet again. By the new year, a lot of people complain about body aches and pains that come from all their activities over the holiday period.

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture is a time-tested and practiced therapy center that provides excellent chiropractic adjustments, back pain relief, treatment of accident injuries, and medical massage therapy. Based in Cary, North Carolina, they have been offering therapy to people of all ages for 12 years.

Here are five tips on how to avoid aches and pains during this holiday season.

Spread Out Your Workload

Most people tend to leave most of the work, whether it is preparing to travel or to host family and friends, until the last minute. This plan of action creates extreme stress on your body joints and muscles as a result of overexertion. To avoid this, spread out your workload.  Many tasks can be completed early in the season even some of the cooking.  So make a plan and stick to it.


Avoid lifting overly heavy loads, whenever possible.  Consider taking a few extra trips when moving things instead of unnecessarily stressing your body with one or two strenuous ones. Find ways to share the weight between two or more people for better balance and less stress.


Do not wait for the holidays to begin exerting your body. Keep up a robust workout regime around the calendar, so that you are already well adapted to activities that require mobility and effort.


As in any other scenario, working yourself during the holidays without rest is a recipe for an adverse reaction from your body. Plan well beforehand for all the work that needs to be done, so you have enough time to do it moderately and take the necessary breaks in between.

Ensure you get enough hours of sleep wherever you are so that your body and mind can recuperate sufficiently to go again.

Stay Hydrated

This task is probably the most straightforward, but could also be the most significant. Staying hydrated as you travel and work over the holidays will enhance your kidney performance, and help decrease stress on your muscles.

All these tips can be efficiently executed with proper planning and discipline, and they will be instrumental in helping you beat aches and pains.

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